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Captain’s Message Part 2

An Update from your Captain
Dear All,

Following my letter of 7th May 2020, I thought it prudent to give an update on the current situation regarding the club.

Firstly, following the First Ministers Statement earlier today, Monday 18th May, it now looks highly likely golf will resume on or around Monday 1st June 2020. Preparations will be undertaken over the next few weeks to make sure the necessary regulations are met, and all information is relayed to the membership in a timely fashion so that we can all understand what is required once golf starts.

Secondly, thank you to the those who have so far donated to the club’s funds, your support is greatly appreciated. To give an idea of where we are at and to clarify a few questions we have received, as of today £46,500.00 has been received through the sale of the membership offers and other donations.

While the amount taken in so far is fantastic, we can still do better. The amount we have taken in so far will leave us in a similar position to what we were in come the end of July 2019. July was our first target position when completing the original cash flow. The club still has monthly running costs, even though the course and clubhouse are closed and the only income at present is coming from the government furlough scheme. We have done everything we can to reduce the costs as much as possible and have managed to negotiate deferral’s on course rental and other crucial outgoings but these are only deferrals.

With the state of golf looking uncertain and with the number of foreign visitors looking like being zero for the rest of the year we must all play our part now as MEMBERS and more importantly OWNERS of the club. During the 6 months from April to September 2019 the club had just over 1500 visitors from various countries and 1900 for the same period in 2018 so you can see how important this income is and the impact on the club if it is not there.

I would ask that everyone who’s circumstances allow and are able to donate something, to please do so. I know that everyone is in different financial situations, and this will dictate the amount you can donate, however the more we raise now will decrease the chances of a levy being applied and further more will help the club’s sustainability in the future.

Once again thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please get in touch with us. The link to donate is once again below and remember to uncheck the blue box to saying that your money is for goods and services to ensure the full donation is received by the club. You can also contact Paul who can give you other ways to donate.

Kind Regards

Club Captain