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Preparing for the colder months at Newburgh Golf Club, Aberdeenshire

As the summer months fade into the cooler temperatures, golfers here at the Newburgh Golf Course in Aberdeenshire will be set to face new challenges. The frosty temperatures and brisk air does not mean you need to pack the golf clubs away; but there will be some changes as you continue to enjoy the game of golf. We look at some of the ways you can prepare for a great round here at Newburgh Golf Course as the seasons change. 

  1. Dressing for success

It goes without saying that if you are preparing for a round in the colder conditions, the first thing to think about is your clothing. Dressing the part is important in golf and the chilly months make it fundamental. There are plenty of options out there for good quality winter golf clothes and it will make any round in these months much more enjoyable. 

  1. Book your tee time

As we approach the colder months the days become shorter and the daylight becomes limited. It is important to book your tee time early to get a slot that suits you. 

You can book your tee time at the Newburgh Golf Course, Aberdeenshire website. 

  1. Warming up

Getting prepared before hitting your first shot can be even more important during the colder season. It is crucial to warm up properly to avoid injuries. You can best prepare for a good round of golf by stretching at home, doing some light exercises, and taking time at the warm-up/practice area here at Newburgh Golf Club.

  1. Course conditions

Whilst enjoying your golf game during summer it can be easy to get used to the course conditions. However, the colder months can bring changes to the course conditions which you will need to be prepared for and potentially change your approach. The greens may be softer, the sand can be different, and more. 

  1. Adjust your shot

When it is cold or raining, the ball won’t travel as far. This may mean you need to club up at times to get the distance you are looking for. It can take time to get used to this in the months but being prepared for it ahead of time can increase your chances of having a good round this time of year. 

  1. Enjoy the OGV Taproom

Before or after your round why not enjoy the warmth of the OGV Taproom which is situated in the Newburgh Golf Club. At the Taproom you can enjoy top quality food and drink which goes well with the great game of golf at the Newburgh Golf Course.

You can book a table at the OGV Taproom website.

If you are golfing in Aberdeen or just golfing in Scotland then it is unlikely you will be relying on the weather to play no matter the time of year. There is no reason to put the clubs away during the colder months. By preparing properly, the rounds can still be extremely enjoyable and the Newburgh Golf Club will be ready to welcome you as the colder days come. 

Visit the website for more information and to book your tee time!