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Exploring the rich history of the Newburgh Golf Course

When you step onto the golf course at Newburgh, you’re not just embarking on a round of golf; you’re immersing yourself in a rich history that spans over a century. This golf course, set against the fantastic backdrop of the Aberdeenshire coastline, has a fascinating story to tell. Let’s journey through time and uncover the remarkable history of the Newburgh Golf Club. 

Aberdeen boasts a great golfing tradition, and Newburgh plays a significant role in it. Established in 1888 by John Udny and “band of founding fathers”, this course has been a witness to countless generations of golfers embarking on their rounds on its immaculate fairways, cementing its status as a prominent milestone in the region’s golfing heritage. 

It was originally a 9 hole course measuring 1 mile 401 yards in length and was laid out over Newburgh Links to the east of the village between the Foveran Burn and the River Ythan. The course remained 9 holes until 1912 when it was lengthened to an 18 hole course. The new layout was designed by Mr McAndrew, who was the resident professional at Cruden Bay. The course was then changed to 12 holes in 1917, before returning to 9 in 1919. 

In 1921 the club was approached by Royal Aberdeen with a proposal to form the Scottish Golf Union and in November that year the club applied for membership of the North East District of the Scottish Golf Union. 

The course remained nine holes until 1944 when land was purchased to the south of the existing course on the Foveran Links. Greens of Scotland oversaw the design of the new nine holes along with Glen Andrews constructing greens and bunkers. The addition of the nine holes creates a challenging 18 hole links measuring 6423 yards from the medal tees although it can play a lot longer in the windy Scottish conditions. The new course officially opened in 1996. 

Throughout its history, the Newburgh golf course has undergone notable renovations and changes to keep pace with modern golfing standards. Renovations have included improvements to the fairways, bunkers, greens, and club house, ensuring the course remains both enjoyable and challenging for players. 

As well as renovations in the past, under the new ownership of OGV, Newburgh Golf Club is actively planning for a number of improvements to the course that we welcome you to come and see for yourself. 

Golfing in Scotland and golfing in Aberdeen are incredibly rich in history and the Newburgh course is no different. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the game, exploring this golf course should be a top priority.

For tee times, event updates, and more information about the course and club, visit the official website. It’s time to tee off and be part of this history on the scenic Aberdeenshire coast!