Newburgh on Ythan Golf Club

Beach Road, Newburgh, AB41 6BY

+44 (0) 1358 789058

Clubhouse open 8am/ Catering from 10am

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Top tips for a great round at Newburgh Golf Course

Whether you are a new or experienced golfer there are always ways to elevate your golf game. Newburgh Golf Course, located in Aberdeenshire, offers a challenging but enjoyable experience for golfers. To help you make the most of your visit, we’ve compiled a list of golfing tips for a great round at Newburgh Golf Course. 

  1. Plan ahead with reservations: Before heading to Newburgh Golf Course, Aberdeenshire consider making a reservation. Don’t take any chances and make sure you get your preferred tee off time with no concerns. Bookings can be made on the Newburgh Golf Club website. 
  1. Warm up: Arrive early to take advantage of the warm up/practice facilities. Newburgh has two netted bays beside the club house and a putting green which is always in excellent condition. Hitting a few balls and spending time sharpening your putting skills can be crucial to get your golf score lower. 
  1. Study the course: Familiarise yourself with the course, including the yardage of each hole. The Newburgh Golf Club website has a course flyover of each of the holes, including a small description of the hole. 
  1. Club selection: Choose your club wisely. Considering factors like distance, wind, and the type of shot for each hole is key to navigating your way around the course. 
  1. Bring hydration and snacks: Some top tips for golfers include parts away from the actual golfing. It can be tough to remember everything you need for a golf outing but staying hydrated as you are walking around the course is essential. As well as that, it can be beneficial to pack some snacks to keep your energy up around the course.
  1. Pace yourself: An important part of golf is maintaining a steady pace without rushing your shots. If you begin rushing shots you’re unlikely to reach your full potential around the course. However, slow play can also hold up other players around you. 
  1. Enjoy the scenery: One of the best parts of a golfing experience at Newburgh Golf Course is the beautiful scenery. Take a moment to take in your surroundings amongst the enjoyment of the game. 
  1. The food and drink at OGV Taproom: The stunning OGV Taproom is located within the club house at the course. Whether it is before or after your round, the Taproom should be on the agenda for great food, drinks and atmosphere. You can book a table at the OGV Taproom website. 

By following these tips and planning ahead, you will be well on your way to improve your golf skills whilst enjoying a memorable and successful round of golf at Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Course. If you’re looking for a real golfing challenge and experience, then Newburgh could be the place for you, located just 13 miles from Aberdeen city centre. 

So, gear up and book your slot for the golf course and at the OGV Taproom, and enjoy a great day out.