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The importance of junior and youth memberships

The driving force that makes golf such a unique sport is that it can be played by people of all ages and differing capabilities. Whether you’re 16 years old or 60 years old, golfers coms in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Demanding both perseverance and physical stamina, the handicap system enables golfers of varying abilities and ages to mix and compete with one another. 

In this blog post, we delve deeper into the topic of junior and youth memberships including why they are so important and ways in which local clubs can encourage younger people to join…

Why are youth and junior memberships so important?

The future of the game lies in the youth

As many older golfers begin to hang up their clubs, the wave of newcomers seems to be dwindling. Encouraging young members to join is the key to creating a successful golf club as these younger players will grow up to be the future of the club and sport. Investing in the youth can lead to greater club loyalty and presents the opportunity for younger members to progress throughout the club becoming part of adult teams or competing in local tournaments and championships.

Installs important values and skills 

With a surplus of golfing games and simulations available online, teens are often turning to technology to play the sport online instead of getting out into the fresh air to play the great game itself. From walking between the 18-holes to focusing on your golfing swing, studies have highlighted that playing golf is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. 

As an individualistic sport, it’s important that golf clubs make the effort to create a sense of unity and purpose among their younger players by setting up junior teams that can play against other local courses. This is the perfect way to help instil valuable life skills amongst members including comradeship, perseverance and patience. 

How do you encourage junior and youth memberships?

Create a fun and social environment

Committee members should focus on creating a place that is fun, sociable and competitive as the main goal is to create a club where juniors want to come back and bring their friends along. Simple things like working with local primary schools, holding open days or having designated areas within the club to hang out with other junior members are only a handful of ways that clubs can help to drive in a younger crowd. 
In order to entice the younger generation into becoming members, there needs to be a sense of voice and accessibility throughout golf clubs. Whether its increased involvement in the club committee or youth team, there needs to be a place where youngsters can voice their opinions.

Make it accessible 
At Newburgh Golf Club, we offer a range of different youth and junior membership options, making it accessible for everyone to try. For those aged under 16, there are no yearly membership fees meaning that juniors can sign up for free – perfect for those looking to start their little ones off from an early age. Investing in sets of golf clubs suitable for youngsters is an easy step in the right direction, our friendly staff in the proshop are always on hand to advise.
Similarly, golf is surrounded by rules and regulations and although the course and club etiquette are crucial, there is certainly a time and a place to learn this aspect of the game. Allowing under-18s to follow a more relaxed dress code, encourages them to participate as not everyone may have access to the correct golfing attire and equipment. 

Ultimately, if a golf club fails to attract and relate to younger people and doesn’t offer the opportunity for youth or junior members to get involved then it may halt the progression of the club as it battles against ageing membership. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our junior and youth membership options, click the link below.