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The top golf tech that could enhance your game

Whilst most golfers play for the pure enjoyment of the game, they are also always trying to elevate their game and bring their handicap down at the same time. As golf has adapted with the times, many technological advancements have been introduced which could help your golf game. Whether you are a beginner or long-time golfer, there are always ways to improve.

We look at some of the top tech that could be on your wishlist to ensure you’re at the top of your game when playing at Newburgh Golf Club. 

  1. Swing analysers

Swing analysers can attach to either your body or club, providing you with real time data on your swing mechanics. These track everything from speed and angle to tempo and depth. They give instant feedback and eliminate subjectivity with concrete metrics that give you areas to develop. As well as this, swing analysers allow you track your improvement by seeing how your swing is evolving. 

  1. GPS rangefinders 

Improve your course management with a GPS rangefinder. Modern GPS devices offer accurate yardages to hazards, greens, and fairway bunkers. It aims to help you estimate the distance and accuracy of the shot, helping to let you know how hard you should hit the ball. Some other advantages include removing guesswork from your game and speeding up your play. 

  1. Smart golf balls

There are options out there for smart golf balls. These have embedded sensors that can provide data on things such as ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle. Some versions are specific to putting, providing stats and analysis on your putts. You can link these with your smartphone and get easy and immediate feedback to help improve. 

  1. Golf smart watch

Smart watches are getting more and more popular. As well as regular smart watches, there are ones that cater specifically to your golfing needs. These can provide distances, scorecards, and even swing analysis. Wear your tech on your wrist and enjoy the convenience of having top information at your fingertips. 

  1. Golf apps  

Some of the most useful golf tech out there is available on your mobile phone. Explore a variety of golf apps that offer GPS, stat tracking, virtual scorecards, and even swing analysis using your phone’s camera. Whether you’re on the course or planning your next round, these apps are extremely convenient. 

As you compile a wishlist this season, consider adding some of these game-changing innovations. Whether you’re aiming to refine your swing, enhance your course strategy, or simply enjoy a more connected golfing experience, these could be something to consider based on your own preferences. 

Embrace the future of golf and try them out right here at Newburgh Golf Club.